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Spread His Word:
Promoting Interstellar Commerce and Good Looks Since The Old Republic
"I always felt lost and in the dark, but when I found Lando, I felt like I belonged. There was hope in this Galaxy again."
"May he and his mustache live in our hearts forever."
"Every day, I am reminded of the wonderful things that Lando has given us. I am so glad that I have made Lando the center of my life."
"Lando Calrissian, miracles made to order."
"In space, there is no sound, except the sound of the Deathstar exploding when Lando bravely piloted the Millenium Falcon into victory against the Galactic Empire."
"It was not there, I may need to leave IRC for sporting the Lando of cosplay Borderlands."
Who We Are

We are the dedicated few who feel the call to spread the word and hope of Lando Calrissian, a great and noble man whose sacrifice and continuing devotion to his ideals illumine the world.


Children are growing up RIGHT NOW, with no knowledge of his grace shining upon their souls. YOU CAN HELP.

Sign this petition to make sure our youths are BROUGHT UP RIGHT.

We plan to spread his word where kids will see it from day to day, not in school, but where it was meant to be, where it will have the best context.

Want to take a more active role in helping the children?

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What We Do

The Society promotes the old world values of interstellar commerce and good looks that the Republic exemplified. Following Lando's example, we strive to show others the light and hope of our galaxy, through better understanding of his underlying beliefs and values.

Spreading His Word and Deeds

Like Lando, we ask that enlightened souls look to the greater good. Embody his glamour and spread the word and deeds of this singular and elegant man.

His Life, As We Praise It

Though details of his early life are vague, his constant dedication and sacrifice later in life are well documented, and his actions always executed with panache.

Proving his caring nature and foresight, Lando came in second in the Cloud City sabacc card game tournament, knowing his friend Han would need the battered YT-1300 freighter called the Millennium Falcon. He later risked his life assisting Han in an attack on the Hutt spice and slavery operations on Ylesia, freeing the Princess Leia, a boon both for fashion and grace.

With only a single ship, Lando single-handedly destroyed nineteen ships during the Norulac pirate raid using only style and cunning.

To better the lives of millions, he bet his personal fortune and his lot on Nar Shaddaa against Raynor's administratorship, and won the game, becoming the new Baron Administrator of Cloud City. Under his baronial ministrations, he enacted enlightened security procedures, after rogue droid EV-9D9 dismantled a quarter of the city's droid population. Lando repealed restrictive anti-alien immigration laws, and increased Tibanna gas profits by over 35%.

Seeing the winds of change, and our future, Lando became a high-profile member of the Rebellion, rising to the rank of general, and eventually leading the assault into the Death Star II that destroyed the battle station and effectively sealed the Empire's fate. Only through his special assistance did we see the destruction of the evil Palpatine's superweapons: the Galaxy Gun and the Eclipse II.

During the Caamas Document crisis, he continued to serve the New Republic to forestall turmoil. With short term stability ensured, he finally looked to his own life, marrying the fortunate Tendra Risant. Together, they ran a mining operation on Dubrillion and Destrillion.

Unsatisfied with merely his own happiness, Lando built the Shelter, a space station inside the Maw, which housed Jedi children and apprentices, and was responsible for establishing Tendrando Arms, which manufactured deadly YVH 1 Droids.

Little is known of his life after that, but we're confident he continued with his drive to improve all of us by spreading his glowing presence.

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